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P12 Consulting

Support for P-12 schools

"Small issues are really just large ones that haven't been accorded the requisite attention." Alain de Botton

My Story

P-12 schools are complex, fast-paced organisations underpinned by the mission to provide high-quality education and care for young people. For over 15 years, I’ve had the privilege of working in and with many great schools to do just that. Backed by my experience as a teacher, middle leader and digital change management professional I aim to provide outstanding contextualised client experiences.

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What we Offer

Project Management

  • Student Management System Implementation

  • Learning Management System Implementation

  • Platform optimisation

  • Systems Integration

  • Vendor Management

  • School Leadership Digital Strategising

  • Learning Technology Framework development

  • Technology Audits

Learning Solutions

  • Digital Learning Needs Analysis

  • Digital Learning Framework development

Education Workshops

  • Digital integration training (Small group; Whole School)

  • Teacher 'Toolkit' (Teachers; Curriculum Leaders)

  • Student-Centred Learning Design (Curriculum Leaders)

Change Management


Barbara Katergarakis

Head of Studies

St Spyridon College, NSW

"P12 Consulting understands schools. They provided us with seamless support, great communication, and clear guidance as we changed our SIS, LMS, and many other key systems."
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